women and investing


Retirement may seem like a long way off for many women who are actively investing, but life moves fast. Buying a home, saving for college, job changes, health problems, and many other obstacles all can get in the way of saving for retirement. Because with these obstacles comes the threat of putting off goals. Here’s a good example: Five years into the financial recovery, Prudential’s 2014-2015 Research Study, “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women,” reveals that while women are taking control of household finances, they are no more prepared to meet long-term financial goals than they were a decade ago. In fact, while 75 percent of women believe that’s it is important to have enough money to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle in retirement, only 14 percent are very confident they will be able to actually achieve this goal.

Overcoming a lack of confidence in investing can be accomplished, and that is where a knowledgeable financial advisor from Mooney Lyons can help you navigate through those life events and empower you every step of the way.

While it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, these are the same issues we have helped hundreds of people resolve through the years, and especially for women, this is something that is extremely important to learn. “It’s particularly important that women embrace financial management, states Kathleen Murphy, Fidelity’s president of personal investing, “because, at some point in their lives, 9 in 10 women will be the “sole financial decision maker” because of divorce or death.”

Whether it’s tax planning, getting the appropriate asset allocation, establishing a savings plan, or more advanced planning our real world experience allows us to relate to each client individually. Please call Mooney Lyons at 1-847-382-2600, or visit us at mooneylyons.com for more information. We’ll help you formulate the most important part of the process — having a plan and the confidence to see it through.


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