Every client deserves special attention.
Every situation deserves personalized support.

Everyone experiences the ups and downs life sometimes puts in your path. Our responsibility as your partner is to make sure your situation offers fewer in these times of transition.

It works like this: If two people are at different phases of their lives, their approaches to maximizing wealth and minimizing risk should not be the same. Our practice is built around the most important financial stages each client experiences leading up to and into retirement. There are many different factors that make our client’s situations unique to them, but analyzing each situation based on these three stages allows us to focus on the requirements and the results our clients need to prepare them for what’s to come.

What does it take to build a successful retirement plan?

Creating a successful retirement plan takes a lot of dedication and a strong desire to do your very best. Here’s a story of Ryan Dunham, a client who believed in building success one step at a time, and was determined to construct a solid retirement strategy by doing things the right way.

How will I provide for my children after I retire?

When the extended Schuh family gets together, it’s dinner for 25. As their financial partner and friend, we have been by their side through the many challenges and opportunities that life, as well as a big family brings. Through hard work, preservation and good planning, they have built a secure future for themselves and their extended family.

If I get sick, how will I care for my aging family?

The adage that “It’s not what happens, it’s how you deal with it” certainly applies to our wonderful client Frank Cesario. He and his wife Sally have faced some significant challenges during their 44 years of marriage, but their courage and perseverance in dealing with the obstacles life presented is an inspirational story we wanted to share — and an opportunity to show that no matter what life throws at you, the needs of your family always come first.


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