The Schuh Family

Jack Schuh


Jack and Donna Schuh met while attending college in Winona, Minnesota: Jack at St Mary’s University and Donna at nearby St Teresa’s College. They have been happily married for 45 years. Little did they know that meeting their spouse while in college was a precedent four of their five children would follow years later:

Daughter Bridget met her husband at Marquette University in Wisconsin.

Daughter Kristen and son John both met their future spouses while attending Purdue University in Indiana.

Daughter Megan met her future husband while attending St Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa.

When the extended Schuh family gets together today, it’s dinner for 25, including daughter Lee Anne and 14 grandchildren. We can’t help wondering how many of the grandkids will uphold the family tradition?

Interestingly, both Jack and Donna were born and raised in Chicago: Jack on the south side, Donna on the north side. After graduation, both returned home to Chicago and continued dating prior to being married. For those of you not familiar with Chicago, the daunting drive between 70th and Western on the City’s south side to Harlem and Addison on the north side represents a dating obstacle that, as Jack puts it, “only true love could overcome.”

Armed with his degree in Accounting, Jack went to work for IBM in 1965. A year later, with the Vietnam War raging and the U.S. Air Force in dire need of pilots, Jack enlisted. Lacking the rigorous physical requirements, he instead served in an administrative capacity. IBM valued Jack’s early contributions and so when he returned from the Air Force, they offered him a position with major subsidiary SRA (Science Research Associates), an educational publisher. Jack moved up the corporate ladder over the next 14 years, eventually becoming the SRA’s Chief Financial Officer.

Jack’s success led to his being recruited by ITT to serve as President of Research & Review Services of America, a Financial Services Publisher and Printer in Indianapolis, Indiana. The family moved from bustling Chicago to small town Carmel, where the five children spent their formative years. But years later, the big city would beckon the family back once again when ITT sold its subsidiary. The Schuh family returned to Chicago as Jack was once again recruited for an executive slot, this time as President of the Prepress Group at World Color Press. A few years later, Jack joined Quebecor Printing, an international printing firm based in Montreal. He served as President and COO of Quebecor’s Premedia Services in North America, Que Net Media, taking on the imposing responsibility of overseeing 12 plants with some 1,200 employees in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2002, Jack decided it was time to retire. Well, sort of. His knowledge and experience in the printing industry has made him a sought-after consultant, particularly in light of the dramatic changes in the printing industry over the past decade. After the kids were all in school back in Indiana, Donna also went back to school and earned a degree at Indiana University as a Registered Nurse. Today, Donna works in a special schools helping severely disabled children. She and Jack experienced what parents of disabled children encounter when their oldest daughter, Lee Anne, was born with Downs Syndrome. Lee Anne has overcome the challenges of her disability as an employee of Wendy’s for over 23 years. “She has taught us about a special kind of love we would not have otherwise experienced,” says Jack. “She is a sweet, loving person and ‘Aunt Lee Anne’ is the grandchildren’s favorite.”

A few years prior to retiring, the couple designed and built a second home in Eagle River, a scenic area in northern Wisconsin. They enjoy fishing the numerous lakes and playing golf. The home has been the site of many joyous family gatherings over the years, but Jack admits as the grandchildren have grown with some now entering college, its getting increasingly difficult to get all 25 members together at one time.

“It’s been a good life and Donna and I have been blessed,” says Jack. “Everyone gets their turn in the barrel with life’s challenges, but we are so fortunate to have our faith and a wonderful extended family to fall back on.”

And we are fortunate to have great people like Jack and Donna Schuh as clients.

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