college funding

College is a huge undertaking, and no less so is being able to pay for it. College fund planning is a complex undertaking, filled with decisions that, if made without knowing all the options, can stack up costs even higher than anticipated. Knowledge and experience are key in college planning, and a good financial advisor can help guide you through a cost-effective plan, that goes far beyond FAFSA forms.


The advisors at Mooney Lyons Financial Services have several strategies for college planning, depending on your circumstances. Whether you are grandparents looking to assist a grandchild with college costs, a family with young children hoping to start planning early or a family in the midst of college applications wondering how they will afford the school their child has selected, we are here to help.


If you have any questions or concerns about your college funding strategy, please contact Mooney Lyons Financial Services at 847-382-2600. You can also visit where you can download the free report –Insider Strategies and Secrets to Reducing Your College Costs.


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No strategy, including diversification and asset allocation, assures success or protects against loss.