Barrington wealth managerIf you ask a Barrington wealth manager, or any other investment professional, for that matter, they’ll tell you they’re more than a retirement specialist. If your reasons for hiring an investment advisor representative are strictly limited to the returns you’ll realize in your golden years, you’ll miss out on a lot of investment insights and opportunities along the way that may actually make your portfolio stronger.


For example, if you’re young and just embarking on a new career, you may be thinking more about a new apartment and a new car than your retirement strategy. Sure, a $35,000 salary may not go very far. You’re probably thinking that they’ll be plenty of time to plan for retirement once you’ve established yourself. Starting an investment strategy early, however, regardless of the amount of investment, can set you on a solid path you’ll come to appreciate as time goes on. A Barrington investment advisor representative can help map your future to give you focus and direction financially, so you don’t have to fall into the trap of mismanaging money early on in your career.


The same reasoning can apply to your progress along your chosen career path. Typically, as a professional salary grows, so does their ability to rise up to that standard of living, and spending. As your income rises over the course of your career, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of “living up” to your means; that is, spending that extra pay you didn’t have before on daily living expenses. A Barrington wealth manager like those at Mooney Lyons can help you set and maintain a realistic quota for yourself that you can earmark—a predetermined portion of every pay hike for your savings goals.


If you’re already married and settled with very young children, your greatest concern may be how to fund a college education, or buy a bigger home, or other expenses. All the more reason to see a wealth manager like Mooney Lyons. With so many investment products out there, you can benefit from the knowledgeable team at Mooney Lyons to help reduce your chances of having to dip into your retirement savings to crush your long term goals.


Of course, it’s never too late to embark on an investment strategy. You can call Mooney Lyons at 1-847-382-2600 or visit us at to review your financial goals and develop a long-term strategy to ensure a financial confidence and financial balance.

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