First and foremost, good wealth management starts with a good wealth manager — someone who is actively involved in all stages of your retirement planning. It is most beneficial to start planning pre-retirement, so an investment profile can be moved from more aggressive investments early on to more moderate and very stable investments as retirement draws near.

Yet asset allocation is only one part of a bigger plan. Your wealth manager should also be in contact with other industry related professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, to keep on top of industry trends. Analyzing these trends can help shape a comprehensive retirement plan for a client, especially in today’s world where disappearing pension plans are requiring more people to figure it out for themselves.

Starting early, engaging with the right team of professionals and keeping the end in sight are all part of a solid retirement plan that incorporates the right strategies that seek to maintain a better quality of life: for a lifetime.

Make sure you discuss your long-term plans with your financial advisor. If you do not have one, Mooney Lyons can help. Visit us at We can analyze the needs you have now and anticipate those you’ll need in the future.


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